Welcome to the Sight Hounds of Kemar

We've been owned by Whippets since 1989 and by Cresteds since 2000. The two breeds, despite their differences in appearance, are similar in temperament and get along very well together.

While being proud of the accomplishments of our dogs, we are most proud of being volunteers for WRAP. We've rescued and rehomed many Whippets both through WRAP and independently along with rescuing and re-homing other breeds! If you look closely, you will see the "S" permanently tattooed on our foreheads. Several of our most beloved dogs have been rescues that came and just never left. Among our most beloved was Skinny Marie We lost this sweet lady along with Bridget who was her companion in January of 2008. You are still in our hearts Skinny!

We are no longer actively breeding Whippets, but that hasn't kept us out of the show ring! Having great friends and breeders who share our belief that good temperament is as important as good conformation, we have been graced by the ownership of three lovely Ableaim dogs. Ch Ableaim's Kallikrates(Tigger) was the first. Tigger finished his championship and is living the life of the retiree here at Kemar. Ch Ableaim Nikki's Not Naughty (MUCH) finished her AKC Championship title in July of 2011 and is now living with Raven in NC. Ch Ableaim's Route Sixty-Four who just completed his AKC GRAND Championship in August 2013 is now retired from the show ring. Contact us if you would like more information on Routie.

In August of 2013, we were fortunate to be at the shows in Salem, Va where Cal Perry and Yvonne Sovereign shared our set up. Yvonne had a then 4 month old red and white female puppy returned to her by an owner who found she just was not able to juggle a puppy, a job and caring for her parents. That combination of events resulted in us getting Lola -- Sowagla Appraxin Island in the Sun who, the day before she turned 6 months old was awarded Best Puppy in Show at the Augusta Kennel Club show. Lola was Reserve Winners Bitch the next day and has done very well since then. Ken is taking her to Florida in January. We are so excited to have Lola and so grateful to Yvonne Sovereign and Cal Perry for allowing her to come and live with us.

Dogs from our breeding are still gracing the show, obedience, and rally rings along with lure and race fields! Butterfly's siblings, children and grandchildren are doing us proud! Brother Jovi earned his CGC (Canine Good Citizen) then followed up with his BN (Beginner Novice) as well as earning his SC (Senior Courser) titles from AKC for owner Charlotte Sokol. Brother Ash has earned his THD (Therapy Dog) title, RN (Rally Novice) followed by his RA (Rally Advanced) and is working on his BN with the guidance of his owner, Kaye Martell. Not to be outdone, sister Tara has an amazing array of titles to her credit all thanks to the dedication of her owner, Janet Andrews. Tara has her TT (Temperament Test), THD, SC, RN, RA, OTR (Oval Track Racer) and CR (Companion Racer). Although we recently lost her to kidney failure, Sister Scarlett was not to be left out!! Scarlett completed her ASFA Fch (Field Champion), MC, RN, TRP and CGC titles before going to the bridge in May of 2013.

Butterfly's son, Fritz earned first his AKC Championship then Grand Championship before he turned 3 years old. Fritz has begun a career as a race dog! He's not the fastest dog out there, but he sure is having fun chasing the bunny! And it's lots of fun watching him! Fritz is going to compete at the Westminster Kennel Club show in February 2014 and will also be shown at the American Whippet Club national in April 2014.

Fritz sired a litter in 2010 and his son, River, GrCh Wesann's River of Dreams earned his AKC Championship before turning 1 year old and his Grand Championship at 1 year, 9 days! We are so thrilled for his owner, Michelle Queen. In addition, River also garnered 6 Best In Show wins and 2 Reserve Best In Show wins at the ICKC shows in Georgia September 7-8, 2013. He is going to compete at the Westminster Kennel Club show in February 2014!

Not to be outdone, our Cresteds are winning as well! Wesann's Well Hello Again (Jack) finished his AKC Championship in July 2012, then sired a litter of 5! His "wife" is none other than our Payne (Ch Zydeco Sheng Feng) who finished HER championship in September, 2011.

Little Eva (Wesann's Evening Song) earned her final 4 points by going Winners at the Asheville Kennel Club show on June 9th, 2013! We are so proud of this little true hairless girl! Our thanks to breeders Michelle Queen, Angela Davis, Kacie Davis and "grandma" June Gallimore for letting Eve come to us here at Kemar's!

Soon the show ring will be wowed by our newest Crested, Bleu a chocolate powderpuff! This boy is so correct! He also has a great temperament to go along with his handsomeness.

There is a lot more planned for the dogs of Kemar in the coming year, so check back often! If you are interested in a Whippet or a Crested, then please contact us. While we aren't breeding whippets any longer, we do have contacts in the breed and can certainly steer you in the right direction. We occasionally have a rescue or an adult available. We also have "connections" in the Crested world.


Currently available is an adult male Whippet, 3 years old and a litter brother to Fritz. Mark is a bit reserved and doesn't enjoy the show ring like his brother and nephew do. We also would consider placing Tigger in a new home. Both dogs use a doggie door, are up to date on vaccinations and are sweet and easy to live with. We also have a "hairy hairless" male Crested available. Radd is a year old and uses a litter box. All 3 dogs are available as pets to approved homes.

If you are interested in one of these dogs, please complete this Application. When you click the submit button at the bottom of the form, it will notify me of your interest. Thank you!